Benefits of Membership

The National Pasta Association facilitates pasta makers’ needs to collaborate on manufacturing, marketing and regulatory issues.

Our Members

NPA members include pasta producers, millers, ingredient suppliers and pasta equipment manufacturers.

retro still life with assortment of uncooked pasta

The History of Pasta

Explore the progression from the early days of pasta to the first noodles in the American colonies to the establishment of the NPA’s predecessor in 1904 to the current expansion across the market.


Pasta Fits partners with like-minded entities, conducts research and shares a variety of healthy recipes, tips and videos online and through social and traditional media channels.

NPA Webinar Series

NPA will be hosting monthly presentations that were scheduled to take place at the 2020 Annual Meeting beginning in June. These webinars will be free of charge for all NPA members and for non-members that registered for the 2020 Annual Meeting. Click here to learn more and register!