Nora Stabert

NPA Chair, Manufacturing Member

VP of Strategy
Philadelphia Macaroni Company
Philadelphia, PA


Nora serves as an Executive Vice President at Philadelphia Macaroni Company, a 5th-generation, family-owned manufacturer of dry, frozen, and specialty pasta for industrial, retail, and foodservice customers. In her role she is responsible for corporate strategy, overseeing strategic business initiatives from development through execution. As a member of the National Pasta Association (“NPA”), Nora served as the Vice Chair of the NPA Board prior to taking on the role of Chair in March 2023, and has been an active member of the NPA Communications Committee since 2019. The NPA is an organization comprised of manufacturers, marketers, millers, and suppliers in the pasta industry. The NPA serves as a cohesive advocate, promoter, and center of knowledge for the pasta industry, members of the government, and consumers, with the ultimate goal to increase US pasta consumption and support a thriving industry.