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How Do You Pasta?

October 9, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC (October 2023) – While scientific research has continued to support the health benefits of eating pasta, National Pasta Month celebrates the many reasons to enjoy pasta. It is a versatile food that is convenient, healthy, and budget friendly. Regardless of the occasion, pasta fits into any menu and can be combined with various meats, vegetables, or plant-based proteins to create a balanced meal. Share the Pasta, the consumer platform for the National Pasta Association, shares nutritional information, tips and recipes for various audiences and occasions to highlight pasta’s role in any lifestyle. This year’s theme “How Do You Pasta” encourages everyone to share their reasons for including pasta in their diet on social media.

“Consumers have been reaching for pasta for years for its nutritional value and convenience. Now new research has further proven the health benefits of pasta. A recent study sponsored by NPA found that pasta consumption is not associated with being overweight or obesity in healthy children and adults, and in fact, may be inversely associated with Body Mass Index (BMI),” says DC-based registered dietitian, Diane Welland. “Pasta is convenient, nutritious, budget friendly and fits into any lifestyle and budget.”

Quality Food While Being Budget-friendly:
Looking for an affordable way to prepare a quality meal? Pasta pairs well with almost any ingredient in the pantry while also being a source of enriched flour. Whether the options are beans, leftover chicken or vegetables, pasta is ideal for budget friendly and filling meals. It boasts a lengthy shelf life, making it a great staple for any pantry, so it is always on hand to use as an entrée or a side. Following a tight budget doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Try this Share the Pasta exclusive recipe “Easy Turkey Pasta Salad” that will not break the bank.

After a long day, a convenient and easy meal is the ideal choice and pasta is your answer. With its relatively short cooking time, pasta is a great time-saver when you want a meal in a hurry. In just a matter of minutes, you can have a satisfying and filling dish ready to enjoy. Pair with your leftover vegetables and protein for a filling hearty meal. Another Share the Pasta exclusive recipe will satisfy any craving in thirty minutes or less.

No matter what type of lifestyle or dietary preference you follow pasta fits the bill. It can easily accommodate a wide range of healthy dietary patterns and complements many nutritious foods. Research suggests that those who consume pasta have a better diet quality and better nutrient intakes than those who do not. Think of pasta when preparing vegan, vegetarian or Mediterranean meals.

About the National Pasta Association (NPA):
NPA is the leading trade association for the U.S. pasta industry. NPA encourages the consumption of pasta by being the center of knowledge and promoting sound public policy to the consumer, the industry and the regulatory bodies because a sustainable pasta industry is vital to healthy diets. Visit for more information.

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