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September 3 – FDA and OSHA Release Checklist for Human and Animal Food Operations

July 13 – FDA Prepares to Resume Domestic Inspections

June 24 – COVID-19 Restaurant/Foodservice and Retail Establishment Re-opening Considerations: Trends and Observations

June 16 – CDC Issues Testing Strategy for COVID-19 in High-Density Critical Infrastructure Workplaces after a COVID-19 Case is Identified 

June 5 – Agriculture Workers and Employers Guidance; Meat and Poultry Facility Assessments Toolkit; Retail Food Establishment Checklist

May 28 – FDA Issues Guidance on Temporary Flexibility Policy Regarding Certain Labeling Requirements for Foods for Humans during COVID-19 Pandemic 

May 28 – FDA Issues Guidance on Voluntary Reporting of Temporary Closures or Significantly Reduced Production by a Human Establishment and Requesting FDA Assistance during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

May 13 – FDA Provides Update on Inspection Plans

May 12 – FDA Issues Reopening Guidance for Retail Food Establishments that Closed in Response to COVID-19

April 27 – FDA Issues Guide for Food and Ag Sector Businesses on the Use of Masks and What to Do if a Worker is Exposed to or Tests Positive for COVID

April 21 – OSHA Recommendations Regarding Facemask Use in the Workplace

April 17 – Highlights from New QA With FDA Deputy Commissioner Yiannas

April 15 –  AMS Announces COOL Labeling Flexibilities to Facilitate Redirection of Foodservice Product to Retail

April 15 – FDA Updates Guidance on Food Supply Social Distancing and Employees Positive for COVID-19

April 10 – FDA Issues Best Practices for Retail Food Establishments and Food Delivery FSIS Issues Notice on Use of PPE by Inspectors

April 9 – WHO and FAO Release Guidance on Food Safety for Food Businesses

April 9 – CDC Issues Interim Guidance on Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers

April 9 – CDC Issues Interim Guidance on Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers

April 6 – FDA and USDA Update COVID-19 Food Safety Guidance Regarding Masks Inspector Availability and More

April 3 – FDA-Deputy Commissioner Yiannas Issues PSA and FDA Updates COVID-19 Food Safety Guidance

April 3 –  FDA Announces Plans to Conduct Remote FSVP Inspections

April 2 –  FDA Issues Temporary Policy for Menu Labeling Requirements and Updates COVID-19 Guidance

March 31 – CISA Updates Critical Infrastructure Workers Guidance and FDA Issues Additional Guidance for Industry and the Public

March 30 – What Food Companies Should Know About the Third Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Package CARES Act

March 30 – FDA and TTB Response to Increased Demand for Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Production

March 27 – FDA Announces Temporary Flexibility Regarding Nutrition Labeling Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

March 24 – FDA Issues Updated Guidance for Food Industry

March 20 –  Supplemental Update on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

March 19 – FDA Temporarily Postpones Routine Domestic Inspections

March 19 –  Food and Agriculture Critical Infrastructure Sector Classification and State and Local Restrictions and Curfews

March 18 –  FDA and USDA Issue Guidance for Industry and Inspectors

March 3 – Preparedness-Considerations for the Food Industry

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                     FDA and OSHA Team Up to Publish Checklist to Assist Food Industry During COVID-19

“Examining Liability During The COVID-19 Pandemic” Hearing on May 12, 2020 – Letter to Essential Businesses 

OSHA: COVID-19 Guidance on the Use of Cloth Face Coverings while Working Indoors in Hot and Humid Conditions