NPA continues to bring together shareholders such as manufacturers, marketers, millers, and suppliers to collectively facilitate the growth of a thriving pasta industry working towards its mission to encourage the consumption of pasta by being the center of knowledge and promoting sound public policy to the consumer, the industry and the regulatory bodies.

NPA Strategic Objectives

  1. Advocacy/Communications: Ensure stakeholders are aware, engaged, and educated on NPA activity and the ‎benefits it brings to members.
  2. Educational Offerings: Engage with the Member Education Committee (MEC) to study annual meeting structure, activities, and ‎location to ensure continued and sustained relevance to the membership. 
  3. Membership: While retaining 90% of current members, attract two targeted members annually.‎  
  4. Enhancing Strategic Awareness of the Pasta Industry: Develop a philanthropic strategy and program to highlight industry charitable ‎efforts with a focus on addressing food insecurity.‎  


Serving as the Voice for the Pasta Industry and Organizing Proactive Advocacy to Benefit You:  

  • The NPA Communication and Nutrition Committee (CNC) spearheaded providing both written and oral comments to the Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee (DGAC) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding revisions to the guidelines. NPA was pleased to have the opportunity to comment on healthy food labeling and the selection of foods ‎served through federally funded programs such as public-school lunches for kindergarten through 12th-grade ‎students.  
  • NPA also provided input to the Grain Chain’s written comments to the DGAC. ‎Their comments highlighted the importance of grains in the U.S. diet and urged caution when addressing ultra-processed foods of which certain pastas are included. The Grain Chain also stated, “Enriched grains, which have mistakenly been considered ultra-processed foods, make up 95% of all refined grains, contribute to a healthy diet, and can affordably provide nutritional benefits for all consumers, including those who are food insecure.” ‎ 
  • Standards of Identity (SOI) modernization for macaroni and noodle products continues to be a major focus for the Government Affairs Committee (GAC). After meeting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2022, the GAC has collected data from members to share with the agency on why SOI contribute to wasted product and higher consumer prices. The GAC will meet with the FDA in early 2024 to present the data analysis and determine the next steps forward.  
  • Last year, NPA signed onto a total of 14 letters and comments that were submitted to legislative and government bodies sharing and promoting industry positions on important issues. 

Educational Offerings 

Exclusive Members-Only Resources, Education, and Networking Opportunities to Benefit You 

  • The CNC continues to lead NPA’s efforts to direct communication streams and outline nutrition research for the purposes of understanding and developing positive messages about pasta. Their efforts resulted in the organization of two webinars including:  
  • Pasta Power: Value Enhancement in Foodservice and Retail for Dry, Fresh and Filled Pasta” on September 14, 2023  
  • “Redefining Climate-Smart Agriculture” on November 3, 2022 
  • The Technical Affairs Committee (TAC) is committed to conducting research and ‎promoting ‎the education of our members by providing the tools and technology needed to ‎produce a safe, wholesome, ‎and high-quality product. In 2023, the committee organized an additional three webinars including:  
    • Pre- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) Regulation: What You Need to Know” on April 20, 2023 
    • Impact of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) on the U.S. Poultry Sector Date of Recording” on June 22, 2023 
    • “‎Applying the Traceability Rule: Overview and Implications for the Pasta Industry” on October 19, 2023

Please visit the NPA website to learn more about upcoming educational webinars, how to be a sponsor or how to host a webinar for the NPA members.  

  • NPA’s in-person Annual Meeting was held at the Porta Vetra Hotel in March of 2023. This event included ‎committee meetings, executive one-on-one informational exchange sessions, networking opportunities, and education sessions on industry trends including the use of Google Analytics. Plus, the traditional ‎golf and bocce tournaments proceeded the final night dinner. ‎


Membership Recruitment 

  • NPA saw a total increase of eight new members so far in 2023, composed of three Manufacturers and five Associates. NPA created two new membership categories, Retail and Foodservice, in 2020, which continue to be a recruiting focus for the Membership Committee. This focus on broadening the association’s reach in the industry provides members with new ‎connections and networking opportunities to grow your business.‎ The securing of new members has allowed NPA to do more without increasing membership dues.  

Enhancing Strategic Awareness of the Pasta Industry:

Your Membership Dues at Work 

  • The CNC facilitated a new research study which was published in Nutrients. The literature review suggests pasta consumption is not associated with overweight or obesity in healthy children and adults, and in fact, may be inversely associated with Body Mass Index (BMI) or abdominal obesity, particularly when consumed in the context of a healthy dietary pattern. The article was backed by NPA research conducted by Lisa M. Sanders of Cornerstone Nutrition, LLC and Joanne Slavin at the University of Minnesota on behalf of the NPA. The objective of the study was to better understand the relationship between pasta and weight. The researchers examined 38 studies evaluating pasta intake and body weight outcomes, as well as potential mechanisms by which pasta may influence body weight (e.g., appetite regulation, glycemic response). 
  • Support of Durum Research continues each year through the NPA grant to the North Dakota State University’s Department of Plant Sciences led by Dr. Elias. In March 2024, NPA will host a durum update webinar and the 2024 annual meeting will include an international discussion on durum.   

NPA Promoted Pasta to Consumers and Maintained Effective Strategic Partnerships with Food and Health Communities 

  • In 2023, NPA’s external communication efforts focused on “Key Opinion Leaders” (KOLs) who are health professionals, culinary influencers, lifestyle influencers, public health professionals, and nutrition educators. 
  • Share the Pasta promoted the consumption of pasta through combined earned, owned, shared, and paid media tactics that generated excitement about pasta with targeted consumers. Media relations efforts in 2023 resulted in more than 176 million media impressions (approx. 88 million more than in 2021).
  • Share the Pasta has a combined following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook of 753,064. In 2023, NPA exceeded all targeted key performance indicators (KPIs) across its Facebook and Instagram channels.  
  • To enhance its status and reach as a trusted voice in the nutrition and health communities, NPA formed strategic partnerships with professional, scientific, and commercial groups related to pasta consumption. For example, NPA partnered with the Mediterranean Food Alliance to keep pasta top of mind with their audience of KOLs, health professionals, and educated consumers via newsletters, recipes, fact sheets, ‎infographics, and videos. NPA is also a member of the Produce for Better Health Foundation, with the goal of generating excitement around pasta as the ideal vehicle for helping to increase vegetable consumption among ‎Americans.‎  

Moving Forward into 2024

Dues remain the same in 2024 as they were in 2023  

  • Recognizing the impact of inflation, NPA is finding ways to keep your dues the same as last year, unless your production amounts have increased. The NPA relies on an honor system of members self-identifying to determine the proper membership dues. For 2024, members are welcome to pay by check, ACH or credit card. Please go to the member portal to make your payment. All credit card service fees will be charged to the member.  

NPA Communications Strategy

  • NPA shifted its communications strategy to focus on KOLs and nutrition influencers in the health professional (HP) community, who have broad reach and can provide third-party credibility to pasta messaging. ‎  

Connect with Your Desired Market by Advertising Through NPA  

  • NPA continues to offer several opportunities to share information about your company or products with NPA members. For example, members are able to sponsor events, present during one of NPA’s product showcase webinars, or advertise in NPA’s monthly e-newsletter. The Pasta Journal newsletter reaches a business-to-business audience of over 300 pasta manufacturers, milling companies, and firms that serve the industry. The recipient list includes CEOs, VPs of Purchasing, and other decision-makers.  
  • As a member benefit for all renewing members for FY23-24, when you renew your membership, each member company will receive one free ad in the Pasta Journal e-newsletter or Pasta Bytes e-blast on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please send a 410 x 125 pixel advertisement of your choice to [email protected] for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter or e-blast. 

Enhance Strategic Awareness of the Pasta Industry 

If you have not already done so, please visit the members-only interactive membership directory, which is found in the NPA Portal under the Membership tab. Our membership directory empowers members to strengthen relationships and make new connections. Users may search for member contacts based on organization, contact name, job title, membership type, product/service type, and location.