National Pasta Association (NPA) | National Pasta Association Consumer Program Set for a Re-Launch

National Pasta Association Consumer Program Set for a Re-Launch

December 2, 2020

Share the Pasta Program Seeks to Amplify the Benefits and Joys of Pasta to Consumers

Washington D.C. (DATE) – The National Pasta Association (NPA) today re-branded their consumer communications program to Share the Pasta. Since 2011, the National Pasta Association operated its consumer program, Pasta Fits, as a means of communicating the health benefits, versatility, and accessibility of pasta to consumers. While these great pasta attributes continue to be true, NPA, the leading trade association for the U.S. pasta industry, is re-branding the program to Share the Pasta to celebrate the joys of pasta and increase consumption.

“We’ve seen in recent months more than ever before that consumers love pasta, and we want NPA and Share the Pasta to be at the center of all things pasta,” said Carl Zuanelli, Board Chair of NPA, President and Founder of Nuovo Pasta. “As we’ve watched consumer attitudes shift in recent years in a more positive way about the consumption of pasta, we realized we needed a program and messaging to support that. That is what Share the Pasta will be.”

A recent consumer survey conducted by NPA found that pasta consumption is strong, with 98% of millennial respondents stating that they regularly consume pasta, and an overwhelming 73% reporting eating pasta at least once a week, if not more. Of those respondents who do consume pasta, their top three reasons for doing so were that they enjoy the taste (78%), it’s quick and easy to make (73%), and it has great value for the cost (63%).

“Through this survey data and our day-to-day work with the industry and pasta consumers, we’ve started to notice a shift in consumer attitudes toward pasta,” said Delia Murphy, Executive Director of NPA. “Where once there was strong anti-carb sentiment, consumers are now embracing pasta, indulging in it, and finding all its many benefits.”

The Share the Pasta program is shifting away from the Pasta Fits program with a new name and logo, a website and social media refresh, and revised messaging. The Share the Pasta platform aims to be the go to resource for pasta recipes, facts, cooking tips, nutrition information, and meal planning. For additional information about the National Pasta Association or the Share the Pasta Program, please visit

About the National Pasta Association (NPA):

NPA is the leading trade association for the U.S. pasta industry. NPA encourages the consumption of pasta by being the center of knowledge and promoting sound public policy to the consumer, the industry and the regulatory bodies because a sustainable pasta industry is vital to healthy diets. For more information, please visit