Applying for NPA membership is easier than ever...

Interested in membership? The application is available here or feel free to reach out to any of the following committee members.

NPA Membership Committee Chair: Bill Stabert, Philadelphia Macaroni- bstabert@philamacaroni.com; (215) 923-7611 x 112

NPA Membership Committee Members:

Michael Ehr, Buhler, Inc.- michael.ehr@buhlergroup.com; (763) 847-0457

Al Lucia, Axor Ocrim, S.r.l.- alucia@oakmontvalley.com; (612) 251-0144

Chris Maldari, D. Maldari & Sons, Inc.- cmaldari@maldari.com; (718) 499-3555 x 104

Mark Vermylen, A. Zerega’s Sons, Inc.- mvermylen@zerega.com; (201) 614-8424